24 thoughts to “Arsenal FC – Gunners For Life”

  1. i would love fabregas to come back and play a 4-3-3 with a fake striker with santi carzorla as fake striker with walcott and podolski on the wing and fabregas arteta and wilshere in midfield for the rest we dont need anyone just fabregas!! fabregas!!!!!!!

  2. says the person with a Santos badge as their picture? you cant support 2 teams, your not a true fan, im a Celtic fan for life with a small soft spot for Spurs

  3. Gunner for life from France.
    Next year, we will become Champion.
    Love Arsenal forever, the best team of the world. ♥

  4. 03/04 best team to ever exist in the history of football (invincibles) 13/14 the new age of arsenal and champions again. 1-0 TO THE ARSENAL 1-0. GUNNER TIL I DIE

  5. gunners till i die – from malaysia
    i had been watching them from tony adams generation untill now jack wilshere

  6. COYG <3

    2003/2004 Season.....Ten years later......2013/2014 Season. 2015 onwards...The kings.

  7. 2013, Arsenal firmly in 5th and out of the champions league after a loss to Spurs. Thing is, It does’t change anything about Arsenal, they still are, and always will be, my team.

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