Arsenal Looking At Other Transfer Opportunities

If you look at the transfers and player buyouts in progress you would surely be wondering what are the happenings that have been going on for Arsenal.

For instance, we have been reading about Wenger wanting to make a bid for Vardy for his team. However the picture might not be so rosy for the players who are being pitched for. As players also have their separate ambitions for their future, if it is not in sync with what is being offered, it is a wiser decision to stay off the new buyout. Vardy stated that his decision to not take up Arsenal’s offer was because he felt that Leicester offered him more as a team than what his new team would offer. He was not confident of the style of playing that Arsenal offers. Again, he wants to be part of the Leicester team as they work their defense for the Premier League in the new season. With Arsenal he might be guaranteed the same position in the upcoming games.

For others, their fates depend on that of other players. For instance, depending on the bid to be received on Mkhitaryan the midfielder deal for the Arsenal team would be decided. Yannick Carrasco is being attempted to be taken by Arsenal. Wenger is definitely working overtime to build up the squad that he would lead into the new season. As Man United pursues Henrikh Mkhitaryan, the midfields deal would depend on the same. Wenger is ready to spend cash to get the right players on board for the new season. He has signed with others like Granit Xhaka and he would also look at adding on other reinforcements as Jamie Vardy has backed out of the offer he made for the player. The transfers also depend on other teams and their decisions.