Conte Aiming For Champions League

Juventus manager Antonio Conte has stated that he would delight to win the Champions League. This remains as that ultimate trophy that Juventus have failed to win in a long time. The best Juventus have done in this competition with Conte as the manager has been reaching the quarter-finals two years ago when they were knocked out by Bayern Munich, who eventually won the trophy. Last season, they were heavily expected to challenge for the title, but even with the addition of players like Carlos Tevez the squad, they were unable to do so.

After recently confirming that he will be staying at Juventus into the new season as well, Conte stated his ambition is to win the Champions League. Conte has also spoken about the possibility of going head-to-head with his international teammate Filippo Inzaghi, who is widely speculated to become the next AC Milan manager. Conte is no stranger to winning Champions League medals after having lifted the title when he was a player with Juventus back in the 1995 – 96 season. He says that it would be a different feeling to win the trophy as a manager.

Only select few like the Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti have won the trophy both as a player and as a manager. “Champions League? I have a path to take, I hope to win many. We’re working and dreaming, though the important thing is to wake ourselves up and see the reality, which is understanding that winning this competition is not easy. My attitude on the bench? I’m obnoxious because I win, but on the field I’m different from how I am outside of it. Juventus have returned to seeming like the bad guy, because those who win would want pull all of the punches,” said the Juventus manager detailing his plans for next season.

Wenger Anticipated To Sign New Contract

It is highly anticipated that Arsene Wenger will sign a new contract with Arsenal in the next 48 hours after the Frenchman confirmed after the FA Cup final win over Hull city that he intends to do the same. The speculation about the future of Wenger has been growing over the last few months with many suggesting that he sees this as the best time to step down from the role after almost 2 decades of managing the club. He has shaped the various aspects of the club during this period, but of late, he has been coming under intense pressure.

The FA Cup final win certainly relieves him off a lot of pressure, but the club need to convince him that staying as the right decision. Like Sir Alex Ferguson, Wenger may also decide to step down from the role and a high rather than being forced away from the club. He has maintained throughout the season that he will sign the new contract. Yet, there has been no progress made in this regard. His contract runs out in a few weeks. Wenger has revealed that he will be going to World Cup 2014 to watch the competition and he intends to sort out his future before that.

“Yes (it will be done), because I go to Brazil on the 10th of June. We live in a world where people tell you always what you have not (done), they never tell you that you have done something as well. I believe as well the quality of a club is the consistency and then the special players make you win the trophies. The quality of the consistency is important for the club and on that front we have been better than everybody else – there are only two clubs in Europe who have 17 years consecutively qualified for the Champions League,” said Wenger.

Bendtner To Leave Club

Nicklas Bendtner, the Danish striker from Arsenal has proposed to leave Wenger’s club this summer. He claimed of his blatant inaccurate portrayal at the team as the major reason behind severing ties with Arsenal.

“You can’t ever say never in soccer but I cannot take my career oozing off at Arsenal since I wish to play”, stated the Danish striker. Every player wishes to play & presently I’m at times not even included in the squad. I is not nice when you are looking to perform all games & I wish to see myself in such a squad where these possibilities would be possible.”

“The squad has been on a winning spree of late & hence it was tough to change. I feel there are some factors that why 7 why yet I would prefer to keep them private”, added in Bendtner.

The 26-year-old Danish international has been touted as arrogant and egoist during his tenure in England. He was alleged of links with real Madrid and Barcelona & hailing himself as one among the best of world strikers.

Bendtner admitted of committing mistakes in his early days but he felt that his previous misdemeanors must be forgiven & his image should be broadcasted correctly.

“A Danish paper asked me that what would be my choice if I were allowed to choose between any club. I replied that it’s my dream since childhood to perform for Barca & I would be really happy if I am able to play with them. That was translated into ‘I am heading to Barca or Real Madrid in Jan transfer window’. I’m still reading stuffs like that & it’s really frustrating”, stressed a seemingly annoyed Bendtner. “If you wish to play for such a club, then you have to score 30 goals each season. I’m not doing it & hence I can’t get it that I am being misunderstood.”