Fernando Torres Ramping Against Real Madrid

Fernando Torres showed his class and aggression with his centre- forward with a win for Liverpool. The score read as 4-0 against Real Madrid. The claim has come from Gerrard. Real the Champions League holders were clear favourites at Anfield.

Aggregate was won by Reds and came in the competition of last 16. In the romp of Anfield Gerrard scored two goals. Gerrard stated that they were aggressive both with and without the ball and that was the reason they were at the top of their game. Torres proved to be a world class skilful player. He had set the tempo at the front and other came to back him up which was inspiring and showed sportsmanship as well. Real Madrid were compelled to make mistakes by Torres and others. Balotelli proved to be a disappointment for his career in Anfield. The choice rests With Rodgers and is encouraging the striker with Euros 16 million. Marrios was crestfallen for the weekend. He wants to score as a goal scorer and he is all set with his position.

Others have confidence that he will prove to be positive and score till the end. Important goals had been scored by him in his career and even now at critical junctures he can still prove to be crucial with his goals. He just needs to sharpen up his skills and work on it fervently as there is nothing that he cannot do or is impossible for him. The new Madrid has gained lot of respect. Improvisation and progress both has come along the way for Real Madrid which is no wonder.

The moment is all pumped up and it is bound to get more intensified with the superb performances by the team and clubs and respective players. There are no secrets and nothing to worry for the clubs.

Wengar Under Heavy Criticism

Arsene Wenger was put under heavy criticism in the previous season as fans of Arsenal wanted the club to end their goal drought of 9 years but the Frenchman managed to end it by lifting the FA Cup as they defeated Hull City. Ever since that title win things have been going better and better for the Frenchman and for Arsenal.

Arsenal defeated Manchester City as they went on securing the Community Shield silverware and have kicked off the new season of the Premier League with a 2-1 triumph over Crystal Palace.

The summer transfer window for Arsenal saw the Premier League club signing Alexis Sanchez, Mathieu Debuchy, Calum Chambers and Hector Bellerin. It certainly has not been an overwhelming spending spree so far but it has been a fairly good one.

Alexis Sanchez will provide his new club a new attacking dimension to the English team and the former Barcelona player was one of the most sought out targets in the transfer market. Arsene Wenger has said that all of these new additions to the squad and their recently Community Shield victory has given the team life and boosted their confidence.

Wenger expressed his enthusiasm towards the new season of the Premier League as he told reporters: “We have more confidence than at the beginning of last season but our opponents have also strengthened so it’s hard to predict. The balance of power in the Premier League is a bit more even than it was five or six years ago. With Financial Fair Play added to the fact that we have more financial power than five years ago, it gives us a better chance. Last season and this, it has changed. We have had the financial power to do it. But in the seasons before, we could not’’

One of the things that affected most the team of Arsene Wenger during the previous campaign was the consistent number of injuries but almost all of his key players are fully recovered and with these new arrivals to the squad, even if injuries does hit the squad once more, it won’t make such a huge impact this time around.

Wenger Anticipated To Sign New Contract

It is highly anticipated that Arsene Wenger will sign a new contract with Arsenal in the next 48 hours after the Frenchman confirmed after the FA Cup final win over Hull city that he intends to do the same. The speculation about the future of Wenger has been growing over the last few months with many suggesting that he sees this as the best time to step down from the role after almost 2 decades of managing the club. He has shaped the various aspects of the club during this period, but of late, he has been coming under intense pressure.

The FA Cup final win certainly relieves him off a lot of pressure, but the club need to convince him that staying as the right decision. Like Sir Alex Ferguson, Wenger may also decide to step down from the role and a high rather than being forced away from the club. He has maintained throughout the season that he will sign the new contract. Yet, there has been no progress made in this regard. His contract runs out in a few weeks. Wenger has revealed that he will be going to World Cup 2014 to watch the competition and he intends to sort out his future before that.

“Yes (it will be done), because I go to Brazil on the 10th of June. We live in a world where people tell you always what you have not (done), they never tell you that you have done something as well. I believe as well the quality of a club is the consistency and then the special players make you win the trophies. The quality of the consistency is important for the club and on that front we have been better than everybody else – there are only two clubs in Europe who have 17 years consecutively qualified for the Champions League,” said Wenger.

Bendtner To Leave Club

Nicklas Bendtner, the Danish striker from Arsenal has proposed to leave Wenger’s club this summer. He claimed of his blatant inaccurate portrayal at the team as the major reason behind severing ties with Arsenal.

“You can’t ever say never in soccer but I cannot take my career oozing off at Arsenal since I wish to play”, stated the Danish striker. Every player wishes to play & presently I’m at times not even included in the squad. I is not nice when you are looking to perform all games & I wish to see myself in such a squad where these possibilities would be possible.”

“The squad has been on a winning spree of late & hence it was tough to change. I feel there are some factors that why 7 why yet I would prefer to keep them private”, added in Bendtner.

The 26-year-old Danish international has been touted as arrogant and egoist during his tenure in England. He was alleged of links with real Madrid and Barcelona & hailing himself as one among the best of world strikers.

Bendtner admitted of committing mistakes in his early days but he felt that his previous misdemeanors must be forgiven & his image should be broadcasted correctly.

“A Danish paper asked me that what would be my choice if I were allowed to choose between any club. I replied that it’s my dream since childhood to perform for Barca & I would be really happy if I am able to play with them. That was translated into ‘I am heading to Barca or Real Madrid in Jan transfer window’. I’m still reading stuffs like that & it’s really frustrating”, stressed a seemingly annoyed Bendtner. “If you wish to play for such a club, then you have to score 30 goals each season. I’m not doing it & hence I can’t get it that I am being misunderstood.”


The manager of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, believes that Theo Walcott would be able to completely recover from his recent injury setback.

These ligament injuries have ruined the careers of so many soccer players and many people fear that it might do so to Walcott as well who is currently one of the most exciting players going around in England.

But, Wenger doesn’t think so. He reckons that Walcott is a tough character and he would bounce back in a very strong way.

Walcott who is not even in his mid twenties was probably playing the best football of his career before getting injured. It’s because of his consistency that Arsenal has been sitting at the top of the league table since a long time. But, with him being sidelined, Wenger knows that life is not going to be that easy for his team now.

When the Gunners boss was asked if the English striker would manage to play the same kind of football that he was playing before getting injured, he said, “Yes, I think so and the reason behind that is his age. He is only 24 and at this age, you get recovered from injuries quite well even if they are quite serious. If he had been 30 and had suffered the same kind of injury, I would probably have had a bit of doubt in my mind, but, at 24, he should be back strong.”

“Theo is one of those guys who have got enormous mental strength. He is capable of coming out of these sorts of adverse situations.”

Walcott has been a part of Arsenal FC since the last 7 years. He has played close to 200 Premier League matches for the London based club so far and has scored 45 goals.


Arsenal keeps on surprising Europe with their most recent triumph that sees them topping Group F with 9 points alongside the German giants Borussia Dortmund.  They also suffered their 2nd loss in the Premier League when going head to head with Manchester United but even with the defeat, they are still at the top of the English League.

Arsene Wenger’s side received a further boost when receiving the news that Borussia Dortmund will be left without Mats Hummels for the remainder of the year and not only that but Dortmund will also be missing Marcel Schmelzer for around 3 weeks.

With 2 matches remaining in their Champions League group stages they are in need of positive results that can book them their spot for the next rounds of the biggest European tournament.

Jack Wilshere recently said what it would be like to become the captain of Arsenal.

“I’ve grown up at this club and I have captained the club at under-16 level, under-18 level and last season as well I got the armband for 20 minutes or so [against West Ham in January] which was a nice feeling. I want to do that [be a leader] for this club,” he told Arsenal’s official website.

“From the team that I first broke into a lot of them have gone so I’m one of the few who’s been around, there’s Bac [Sagna] as well but I’m one of the only midfielders who has been around for a while.
The 21 years old player of Arsenal made his debut with the club at the age of 16 and since then has played an important part for the English team and from the looks of it he will not be leaving the club anytime soon.


Lukas Podolski has said that he will form a good pair with his countryman Mesut Ozil at Arsenal.

Ozil has joined Arsenal this summer after leaving Real Madrid. Arsenal has paid a record transfer fee of 42.5 million Pounds for bringing the German midfielder to Emirates Stadium.

Podolski who is currently out of the Arsenal squad because of injury is very happy with the fact that Ozil has joined him at Arsenal.

In one of his interviews a couple of days ago, Podolski said, “I am glad that Mesut has come to Arsenal. He is one of my closest buddies. Our tuning is great both on and off the ground.”

“He is a fantastic player. We needed somebody like him at Arsenal. He can win us a lot of games.”

“We know each other pretty well and we will form a very good pair. We both want to be successful at Arsenal.”

Quite a few Real Madrid players including Isco and Sami Khedira are reported to be unhappy with the fact that Ozil has been sold by Real Madrid.

When asked about that, Podolski said, “You never want to lose such a teammate. Mesut set up a lot of goals at Madrid and by doing that, he gave others benefits.”

Podolski is not going to get the opportunity to play alongside Ozil pretty soon as he needs a few more weeks to recover completely from his hamstring injury. When asked about that, the 28 years old German striker said, “It’s really frustrating to have to wait for the chance to play alongside him. I want to do that immediately, but, unfortunately I can’t. I will have to wait.”

Podolski had injured himself while featuring for Arsenal in a Champions League game against Fenerbahce in August.