Lineker on Arsenal

Former England international Gary Lineker believes that Arsenal needs major signings if they want to compete for the title in the future.

He believes that Arsene Wenger is wrong when he says that the club needs only two players to compete with the biggest team in England.

For Lineker, the current team is not good enough and that there need to be some big changes in the team if they are ever going to win the Premier League again. He said that it is one thing to beat Chelsea in the FA Cup final and to go and win the league over a stretch of 38 games.

Gary Lineker believes that the Frenchman is not assessing the team properly and that he thinks that they need to be major changes in the squad if they want to compete for the title. The England international said that there are some players that will need to leave as they are not good enough to play at this level. However, he feels that Arsene Wenger might be too loyal to some of these players and that he will keep on giving them time to prove themselves.

For Lineker, the Arsenal board missed a good occasion to bring changes to the team and said that it was a good time for Wenger to step down. He said that his reputation would have remained intact if he left the club after winning a trophy such as the FA Cup but instead he chose to remain at the head of the team.

He believes that the only way out for Wenger will be to build a team that can win them the title, but he has a feeling that this is an achievement that is beyond him at the moment. He fears that the club will continue to go backward under the French manager.