25 thoughts to “ARSENAL FC (1st Team Squad) 1971 – ‘Good Old Arsenal’ – 45rpm”

  1. We won the league at White Hart Lane (twice)
    We won the league at White Hart Lane
    Ha Ha Spuds

  2. Anyone got the footage of the Arsenal on top of the pops ? My Dad blagged
    his way on stage next to Geoff Barnet. I have a picture but never seen the

  3. Jimmy Hill wrote this song because he was worried about Arsenal fans being
    out sung by The Kop. I am a Liverpool fan but it was a great cup final and
    Liverpool dominance in The 70’s started from this moment. As a Liverpool
    fan i wish Bob Wilson a speedy recovery and hope he wins his most important
    battle battle. 

  4. “Good old Arsenal! We’re proud to say that name! While we sing this song,
    we’ll win the game!”

  5. Great song I am lucky enough to have the original vinal of this single ,
    signed by Frank McLintock & Charlie George legends , little fact for you
    here the words to the song were actually written by Mr Jimmy Hill !!!!!

  6. Good old Arsenal, We proud to say that name. While we sing this song, We’ll
    win the game.

  7. I met bob wilson today and he is a sick keeper and so is arsenal… Arsenal
    all the way..

  8. hi mate i have just read you have the orignal ..can you help i need this
    song for a funeral on the 19 th can you help send a sound file or help in
    any way pls thanks tony

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