25 thoughts to “Arsenal FC, Simply Fantastic Football Part 2.”

  1. Simply the best video with part 1 on youtube. I miss the likes of Flamini,
    Henry, and Hleb etc.

  2. @SamrezKhan u do know that it took 5 or 6 years for man utd to beat arsenal
    at their home ground? and this year is the first time ever at the emerites

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  4. This music is perfectly appropriate for this video, it makes me wanna cry
    every single time i watch this. Great job. Keep The Fatih ARSENAL !!!

  5. what a loss that season was… by far the best team in the league. if not
    for the brutish, oafish physicality that passes off as defending in
    england…. worse still, it all but ended the career of a great prospect in

  6. @Borncolombia just checked the video, it’s not blocked down here. though
    since youtube has the video right thing, it has warning written: Contains
    content from: MyVideoRights (MVR3).

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