15 thoughts to “Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Arsenal F.C Emirates Stadium Huge Build”

  1. The inside like the pitch is fine but the inside isn’t to good I’ve been on
    a tour before so. I still give credit to him thought its a great build

  2. I have also been to the stadium and it does look very different from what
    it looks like in the video but good build though

  3. I’ve been to the stadium, and it is not that close to it the stadium is
    ALOT DIFFERENT nice attempt though but if you attempt at building a copy of
    something that’s real, you need it to look at have the right proportions so
    in my opinion I don’t like this that much :/ sorry

  4. I still need to do tons to the actual world. The stadium is about 80-85%
    done. But I have more to do around it too (Im Xraycat87)

  5. Amazing quality stadium! As a Birmingham City fan, i’m only used to a small
    stadium. Haha good job 🙂

  6. Looks fantastic guys wish I coy of been part of the build maybe next time
    haha great video to mate keep up the good work like always !

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    it out even if you dont like it thanks!

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